Rosco Premiere Clear (FLAT!) - Urethane Coating, 1 Gallon Can

Rosco Premiere Clear (FLAT!) - Urethane Coating, 1 Gallon Can

Rosco Premiere Clear is an advanced, water-borne urethane coating suitable for sealing and protecting painted finishes, floors and high-traffic surfaces. When cured, this clear finish provides long lasting durability, hardness and abrasion resistance in an environmentally safe, VOC compliant coating. Premiere Clear is virtually odorless and may be thinned with water. In addition to protective top coats, it is excellent for use in faux finish or glazing applications. Premiere Clear is perfect for almost any project in stage, film, decorative and commercial arenas.

Important Note: Rosco Premiere Clear provides a highly durable urethane finish perfect for sealing floors in entertainment and live event venues as well as withstanding light or moderate commercial traffic. A floor coat is ready for light use after 12 hours, but allow 24 hours to cure. Rosco Premiere Clear is suitable for exterior use in semi-protected environments however long term exposure to direct sunlight is not recommended.

COVERAGE: One gallon of Rosco Premiere Clear covers approximately 450 square feet depending on the surface coated and the thickness of the application.

CLEAN UP: Use warm water and mild soap then rinse with clean water.

DRY TIME: Rosco Premiere Clear dries to the touch in one hour, and may be recoated in two to four hours. Full cure is achieved in 24 hours. High humidity or low temperatures will delay drying and complete cure.


For bulk orders please call for quantity discount pricing 1-212-255-3500

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