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5803B - Tough Lux 60" x 50 Yard BOLT - Diffusion, Gels

5803B - Tough Lux 60\" x 50 Yard BOLT - Diffusion, Gels

Tough Lux has been the industry standard for years. It is a neutral, heat stable diffusion material. It offers the perfect level of diffusion for most applications.

Tough Lux - Set Shop Original Brand

Set Shop Brand Diffusion Material Tough Lux is available in 60” wide, 4 mil thick and 48” wide, 3 mil thick, 50 Yard long rolls. Our diffusion material is a polyester based film with properties consisting of being stable and heat resistant. Noted photographer and author, Steve Sint, strongly stresses that you leave enough space for airflow between the light and the Tough Lux diffusion material to lessen (but not totally eliminate!) the possibility of a fire hazard. While the possibility of a fire hazard is less serious when using electronic flash without modeling lamps, quartz modeling lamps and quartz video lights generate enough heat to demand both care and adequate airflow when they are being used with Tough Lux in this manner.

Polyester materials will melt at approximately 356 degrees Fahrenheit. For comparison, ordinary paper bursts into flames at 451 degrees Fahrenheit.

Set Shop Brand Diffusion Material Tough Lux is printable with anti static properties. This material has excellent toner adhesion and is well suited for multi color screen-printing jobs. This is compatible with most laser printers and copiers.

TOUGH ROLUX - Rosco Original Brand
The original dense diffuser. Wide beam spread creates an even field of soft, shadowless light.

Set Shop Brand Diffusion Material Tough Lux and Tough Rolux Rosco Original Brand produce an identical diffused effect.


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