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Trans Lux 4' x 25' Sturdy white Diffusion, Gels

Trans Lux 4' x 25' Sturdy white Diffusion, Gels


Trans Lux is a very sturdy diffusion material. Trans Lux can be used for several applications. This can be used for photography - light table sweep, it can give the appearance of frosted glass or frosted acrylic, printing, or you can use this material for die cutting and many more options. This is a flexible plastic diffuser, used to create soft evenly diffused light with no shadows. The Sturdy factor allows for the product to be equipped on a background stand and used in the same fashion as a roll of SETPAPER. You can simply roll out the Trans Lux as if it were SETPAPER and have yourself a seamless backdrop for headshots and product shots. 

Create a light tent, soft box, light box or any creation you you may require for your photo op or project. This material can be cut very simply using any utility blade or scissors. 


This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 31 July, 2012.
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