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6501Y - Light Weight Raw Muslin 10' x 24' (3.05m X 7.32m)

6501Y - Light Weight Raw Muslin 10' x 24' (3.05m X 7.32m)


This flame retardant light weight natural color muslin is sold unfinished in two ends and is ideal for covering flats or as a drop cloth or even as a base for a light weight canvas. Not inherently flame retardant so if you wash it you loose it's flame retardant properties. Sold and shipped folded.

Make Your Own Art on Raw Muslin

Create your own art on a muslin or canvas. Isn't it great to shoot on your original, one of a kind backdrop?  See our raw muslin in variety of sizes and type of fabrics.

To dye your fabric you need:


a large plastic or metal tub or bucket

rubber gloves

dye color of your choice

hot water

Do this process outside or somewhere where it doesn't matter if you spill a little. Dunking such a big piece of fabric usually produces some splashes.

 Follow the dye instructions, add the bottle of dye into the bucket of hot water, and dunk your muslin into the bucket.

 To make sure the color is solid and even throughout the muslin, put on your rubber gloves and swish the fabric around a lot so that every part of it gets well soaked by the dye.

If you would like to have a slightly mottled, tie-dye effect, scrunch up the fabric and gently submerge it into the solution, without much movement. Either hold it there or gently let go without moving the fabric around much.

 If you pull out the fabric and don't like the mottled effect, simply put it back in the dye and swish it around until all the fabric is infused with the dye. Viola! Your fabric is dyed!

When your fabric has the desired amount of color, remove it from the dye solution and rinse it in warm, then cool water.

If you are an adventurer try to create your original scenic backdrop with Rosco Paints.

Available: Off Broadway Paint, Supersaturated Rosco Paint, Iddings Deep Colors, Clear Flat/Gloss Acrylic Glazes, Special Effects Paint

If you want to hear Set2 Al's advice on " How to Create Your Own Art on Backdrops" call on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9AM ~ 1PM.


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