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All reservations can be made as far in advance as needed. SET SHOP will do it's best to accommodate "walk-in" or " last minute" rentals. Customers with reservations have top priority. A credit card number (not a debit card) with a billing name , contact name and phone number are required for all rental reservations. Corporate and house accounts can use P.O's for rental reservations as long as a proper copy of the P.O. is faxed to us.


Rental begins as soon as the equipment leaves the store, this includes out of state rentals as well. For out of state rentals, the rental time will begin the moment the items are picked up by the carrier and will end when our shipping department signs for them. That means that you will pay rental time while the item is in transit to and from the final destination. Rentals that are picked up after 4:00 PM are charged to the next day. All rentals returned before 10:00 am are charged to the previous day. Otherwise all rentals are based on a 24 hours. The weekly rate is 5 times the day and the monthly rate is 4 times the weekly. Half a day rentals are based on a four hour period only. If the rental exceeds four hours a full rental day will be billed. Unless a special rate has been arranged in advance there will be no exemptions made to these time rates upon return of rentals. “Not using” or “Not having used” your rental are not excuses not to pay for the time you had it in your possession. "If it is in your possession, you pay for it"


Rentals picked up after 4:00 PM Friday and returned Monday before 10:00 am count as a one day rental. Exceptions to any pick up or return times must be arranged in advance for any special rates to be given. Otherwise there will be no exceptions made to this rate upon return of rental.


Rentals need to be secured with a certificate of insurance, credit card, money order or cash deposit equal to the replacement value of the item or items being rented. Personal or company checks are not allowed for deposits. Corporate and house accounts can use P.O.'s for deposits as long as a hard copy is faxed to the SET SHOP. All insurance is the responsibility of the person or company renting the equipment. Renters accept full responsibility for any loss, repairs or damage to the equipment. In case of loss or theft rental time will be charged on the equipment until SET SHOP is reimbursed for the replacement of the equipment.


Payment for rentals is due upon return of equipment to the SET SHOP and once all items are determined to have been returned in good condition. We accept cash, personal or business checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express for payment. Corporate and house accounts will automatically be charged to their account for rental time unless otherwise stated before the rental is returned.


The person or company renting the equipment must arrange all pickups and returns to the SET SHOP. In the event that the SET SHOP arranges a rental delivery, all messenger fees will be added to the rental invoice. This will include pick up and or delivery, waiting times, stairs and any other extra charge that we or the hired messenger company may charge for such delivery or pick up. Neither SET SHOP nor its messengers are responsible for the set up or brake down of any rental item. All items must be properly tagged and or bundled and ready for pick up otherwise it will incur an additional charge. We are not responsible for delays or any damage that may happen to equipment while in transit through an outside carrier. Such damage is the responsibility of the renter.


Customers are responsible for all pieces pertaining to any rental equipment. All items must be returned in the same condition that it was picked up. Should there be any pieces missing, broken or damaged when the rental is returned the persons or company responsible for the rental will be billed for the appropriate replacement or repair cost. All set items and cubes returned with holes, heavily staples, upholstered, wall paper, stucco texture, heavy plaster or any other surface that is not white paint, will be considered damaged and a clean up and or repair fee will be added to the rental. A painting fee will be charged for each item that is not returned on its original white paint color. Such fee will vary based on item size and quantity. We do our best to ensure that all rental items are in good working order when they leave our rental department. We will not accept any claims for equipment that did not work or that is broken once the items have been returned to us. It is the renters responsibility to notify us a soon as possible should they think that there is something wrong or broken with their rental. Being "too busy to call" will not be considered as an excuse for not notifying us in advance of rentals that are broken or not working properly.


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