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Rental - Flat with Acoustic Fabric / Foam Sound Dampering

Rental - Flat with Acoustic Fabric / Foam   Sound Dampering

We can customize flats to have attachable acoustic fabric lined on the inside of the flat. This will reduce, and absorb sound. 

This is great for an on site location , perhaps a party, gallery showing, or any other live event in which you would like to have

sound contained to a minimum.


Price shown is for the Rental of a 4' x 8' Acoustic Lined Fabric Flat.


Yes, this flat requires a clean up fee upon returning - cost is $50.

Include 100.00 rental charge per 4'x8' flat.

The standard size flat is 4' x 8' - We have many other sizes avalable. 

To see wall flats and various other rentals CLICK HERE


Set Shop uses Benjamin Moore White Super Hide Latex Flat #282-01. You can purchase our Set Shop White Paint Kit, which includes one pint of White, 2 brushes and a tray. Please do not forget to ask for this when you are reserving rental cubes, pedestals, cylinders and flats. If you are painting our rentals with your choice of colors please paint them back to our White before returning, otherwise you will be charged for it. To help the following customers please let us know how and when you are returning when you reserve rentals. With this info we can estimate drying time before the next person picks up from us. Flats and cubes are our popular items. They do not sit in our place. They are in and out daily. Please let us know if you are planing to keep for extra days as soon as you find out.


This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 09 April, 2013.
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