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Rental - Little Blizzard Snow Maker

Rental - Little Blizzard Snow Maker

The Little Blizzard Snow Machine produces non-toxic foam flakes which evaporate upon impact, creating an effect perfect for theater or audience participation. An adjustable blower determines how far snow travels. Output varies from flurries to a blizzard. The flake size adjustment creates 1/16" to 1/2" flakes. Includes XLR cable connector and 25' remote. The Little Blizzard SP is soundproofed making it 75% quieter than most snow machines. A good studio fan like the Hurricane fan will make the snow look more realistic, the flakes fly farther, as well as evaporate the flakes faster eliminating floor residue.

• Comes with at least a liter of corresponding fluid 

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Machine is rented with a gallon of long lasting snow fluid which makes the flakes last about 3 minutes before they evaporate.

Please contact us for out of New York City Metro Area shipping rates and quotes.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 12 November, 2012.
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