SETPAPER Eco Super White, Super White, and White

The difference between the #70 Eco Super White and the #8 Super White is that the #70 Eco Super White is produced with a minimum 30% Post consumer furnish. Although all of SETPAPER are recyclable and have a portion of their makeup from recycled fiber, the #70 Eco Super White is higher in post-consumer composition.

Both the #70 Eco Super White and #8 Super White are manufactured with brighteners added to the sheet during production. This creates a bright “crisp” white background considered an “absolute white” that can be used in all applications but is the white of choice for black and white photography. The #7 White is a versatile white that can also be used in any application calling for a white backdrop, but is recommended for a warmer tone often preferred for portrait work.  


These are pretty general comments, but our customers are photographers, designers, and producers that have their own choice in uses and favorite tone. For any inquiry concerning Set Shop Brand, seamless paper, SETPAPER, please Email 

SETPAPER, the Finest and also made in America 

SETPAPER, Made in America with our Pride, is photographic background paper that is preferred by professional photographers for the consistent vivid colors and true non-reflective surface. Our high quality papers resist wrinkles and imperfections and are manufactured from sustainable resources to specifications that guarantee consistency of color throughout each and every roll. Color standards are preserved in a temperature and light controlled environment so that production can be monitored to assure that shades purchased today match rolls purchased previously and in the future.


SETPAPER is Acid Free. Hope you find use for left over SETPAPER after the shoot. 

Return Policy

There are many things we can take back, but there is always one product we will NEVER take back and that is SETPAPER.  Many of our customers are professional photographers and we have a responsibility to offer the best quality of seamless paper possible. We pride ourselves on our care and handling of SETPAPER. Occasionally customers will purchase items for a shoot only to find out the shoot is canceled. This is not a problem, we will take back all items, except SETPAPER. 


At Set Shop, our goal is to make our customers happy with our service and products. If you are not satisfied with the products you can return or exchange them, but not SETPAPER. Every roll of SETPAPER leaves Set Shop only once and we guarantee no one else has owned it. 


SETPAPER, The Finest




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