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  • Rosco Flamex - Raw Wood

    Rosco Flamex - Raw Wood

    NEW! Introducing Flamex WD for Raw Wood Replaces Rosco W40 Use Flamex WD to treat wood and cellulosic materials. Plywood, board stock, sheet goods, hay, acoustical tile and other common materials can all be rendered flame retardant with Flamex WD...

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  • Rosco Flamex - Delicate Fabrics

    Rosco Flamex - Delicate Fabrics

    NEW! Introducing Flamex DF for Delicate Fabrics Many fabrics and materials used in scenery and costumes are delicate and have a gentle hand and soft drape. Treating these fabrics presents a challenge to develop an adequate flame retardance without...

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  • Rosco Flamex - Natural Fiber Fabrics 1 Gal

    Rosco Flamex - Natural Fiber Fabrics 1 Gal

    NEW! Introducing Flamex NF for Natural Fiber Fabrics Replaces the old Rosco C26 Fluid. Most fabrics made of natural fibers can be effectively treated using Rosco Flamex NF. Among the many fabrics commonly used in scenery or costumes, use Flamex NF on...

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  • Rosco Flamex - Paper & Cardboard

    Rosco Flamex - Paper & Cardboard

    NEW! Introducing Flamex PC for Paper & Cardboard Flamex PC was formulated specifically to treat the many paper products commonly used in props and scenery construction. Most paper products without a wax coating or other water resistant properties...

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  • Rosco Flamex - Synthetic Fiber Fabrics 1Gal

    Rosco Flamex - Synthetic Fiber Fabrics 1Gal

    NEW! Introducing Flamex SF for Synthetic Fiber Fabrics Replaces the Roscos S33 Treating synthetic fabrics can be difficult since the synthetic threads of the fabric do not absorb liquids in the same manner that a natural fiber does. Flamex SF is...

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  •  Rosco Flamex Latex Paint Additive

    Rosco Flamex Latex Paint Additive

    NEW! Introducing Flamex PA Paint Additive Replaces Rosco P50 Additive Flamex PA is a clear, un-pigmented additive for creating a flame retardant paint layer. Add one full jar of Flamex PA to a US gallon (3.79L) of water based paint to make your paint...

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