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Rosco Gel Kits

  • 551 - Rosco Color Effects Kit, Gels

    The fifteen 10" x 12" color filters in this kit are selected from the range of over 300 colors which Rosco produces for theatre, film and television. Each of the 15 sheets of color is deep-dyed on a heat resistant base. They are ideal for the lights used...

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  • 556 - Rosco CalColor Kit, Gels

    The CalColor Kit consists of 10" x 12" sheets of each of the 33 colors in the CalColor range. Also included is a technical brochure and reference swatchbook. The kit is packaged in a handy storage pouch. Kit Contains: 4215 - Blue 16 4230 - Blue 30 4260...

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  • Rosco "The Strobist" Gel Kit, Gels

    THE STROBIST™ COLLECTION A selection of 1.5" x 3.25" correction and effect lighting filters for speedlight flash units. Rosco, the worldwide leader in color filters has assembled the essential collection of filters for use with your on-board...

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  • Rosco Cinegel Sampler Kit, Gels

    This is an all-purpose selection of the most popular Cinegel products. There are fifteen Rosco light control materials for the photographer in 10' x 12" size sheets. Included are materials for diffusion, reflection, color effects and mixed-light color...

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