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Grip & Gaffers Apparel

  • Setwear Easy-Fit Gloves Setwear Easy-Fit Gloves

    Setwear Easy-Fit Gloves

    Black Easy-Fit * Padded, two-way stretch, lined Spandex top for flexibility * Easy entry, wide opening elastic cuff with rubber pull tab * Reinforced thumb and fingertips increase protection and reduce wear * Hidden interior seam stitching throughout...

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  • Setwear Light Pouch w/ 2 Pockets

    Setwear Light Pouch w/ 2 Pockets

    That's right this is a two pocket pouch that has an LED ligh ton the cover for you to admire how much stuff you can put in side this handy pouch. Pouch has a strong metal belt clip for esy on and off action. No belt required if you don't have one. 6"...

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  • Setwear Tool Leash

    Setwear Tool Leash

    * So light you can't tell you're wearing it. * Made with polyurethane cord with a nylon core for added durability and amazing memory with almost no restriction. * Comes with a unique comfortable wristband for an easy to use design or it can be used with...

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  • SetWear Pro Glove Tan SetWear Pro Glove Tan

    SetWear Pro Glove Tan

    * Top quality leather construction throughout * Leather knuckle panel provides increased protection * Easy entry, wide opening elastic cuff (Easy-Fit design) * Anatomically-cut, leather palm and heel reinforced panels for extended durability * Smooth...

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  • Setwear Radio Chest Pack

    Setwear Radio Chest Pack

    The newly revised Radio Chest Pouch features our all new Silent on Set system. The days of worrying about being too loud are over. Our all new silent auto opening closure system adds ease to all workers behind the scene.  You will no longer need to...

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  • Setwear Small AC Pouch

    Setwear Small AC Pouch

    * Small AC Pouch is 7" high x 7.5" wide. * This is the small one to the Jumbo. * Has a D ring on the side for additional storage. * Also has a slot on either side of the pouch. * Fits most belts.

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  • Setwear Jumbo A/C Pouch

    Setwear Jumbo A/C Pouch

    * Jumbo AC Pouch is 7" high x 8.5" wide * This one carries everything you need in one pouch. * Holds sharpies, pens and pencils of all types and sizes. * Has a special compartment for your mini-mag light with Hook and Loop flap over design. * Has a...

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  • Setwear 4 in 1 Pouch

    Setwear 4 in 1 Pouch

    This 4 in 1 pouch even has a compartment on the back for your PDA or a small notebook. (Real Notebook not a computer !!) Has a metal belt clip to allow you to clip it to what ever you want. 6.5" tall by 5.5" wide

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