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Rosco Dance Floor

  • Dura Floor - Full Roll

    A hard-wearing, easy roll out durable floor for temporary or permanent installation. Dura is a floor to make touring easy. Its finely textured surface is suitable for a wide variety of traffic including live performance, rehearsals, dance, and auditorium...

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  • Expo Floor - Full Roll

    A lightweight, affordable floor covering for events, runways, and budget-conscious productions.For catwalks, runways, live events and stages, Expo Floors are ideal – the perfect combination of quality and cost considerations. Lightweight yet...

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  • Mirror Floor

    Our Mirror Floor is a highly reflective vinyl floor, sold by the foot (55" wide). Specs: 100% Vinyl Width = 55" Weight = 110 lbs/roll, approx. 1.34 lbs/foot Thickness = .05" Roll size = 82'

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  • Rosco Arabesque - Rosco Vinyl Floor

    Rosco Arabesque: Most Affordable Floor This remarkable floor requires no compromise on quality. It is a good surface forvirtually all dance forms, including tap and Irish dancing as well as jazz and modern.Because it is heavy duty homogeneous vinyl,...

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  • Rosco Chroma Key Floor (Floor Protection)

    Rosco Chroma Key Floor is available in Full Roll and per Foot. Please go to the Categories: 'Rental' 'Chroma Key Products' We deliver anywhere Tri State to your location on your time. Remember SS Truck works 24 X 7. Purchase by Foot $21.95 per...

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  • Rosco Dance Floor-Chroma Key (Floor Protection)

    Rosco Chroma Key Dance Floor is available in Full Roll and per Foot. Please go to the categories: 'Set2 Rntals' and 'Chroma Key Products' We deliver anywhere Tri States to your location on your time. Remember SS Truck with 2 Men work 24X7. Purchase...

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  • Rosco Floor Tiles - White

    Rosco Floor Tiles - White

    Rosco Studio Tiles were originally designed as rugged, hard wearing floors for videoproduction facilities and television studios. They lay flat for temporary, as well aspermanent studio installations and can stand up to camera dollies. The dance...

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  • Rosco Performance Floor - Rosco Vinyl Floor

    Rosco Performance Floor: Durable, All Purpose, Permanent or Semi-Permanent This durable all-purpose floor is best used in permanent or semi-permanentinstallations in studios, multi-purpose rooms and showrooms. Performance Floor'sdurability and abrasion...

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  • Rosco Show Floor

    Rosco Show Floor: Glossy Floor for Special Events This super glossy floor is perfect for special events, commercials and fashionpromotions. This high shine floor adds just the right sparkle to any venue. ShowFloor is not designed for heavy traffic or...

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  • Rosco Studio Floor - Vinyl

    Rosco Studio Floor: For Ballet or Theatre This ultra matte, black vinyl floor is ideal as a staging floor for ballet, theatre or anyapplication where a light absorbing surface is needed. Studio Floor is not designedfor heavy traffic areas. The floor may...

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