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Tradeshow Booths / Javits Center

Looking to create your own tradeshow booth at the Javits center? We have everything you need and can help you get it all done. 



1 - Flame Retardant roll of SetPaper. 

1 - Double Stick Gaff Tape

1 - Blade/Cutter

1 - Step Ladder

2-5 - 2” Binder Clips

2-5 - 2” A Clamps

2-5 - S Hooks


1st Step - Prepare your SetPaper by opening it and securing one end to the board with 2 A Clamps. 

2nd Step - Gradually roll out the roll slowly and apply a 2" binder clip approximately every 3' to 4'.

3rd Step - When you get to the corners make sure you put a 2" binder clip as close to the corners as possible, this will make sure there is no separation from the wall corner and your paper.

4th Step - Continue to roll out your paper and apply this process. Once you are at the end of your trade show booth, use the divider or booth pole to allow yourself a straight cut of your paper.

5th Step - Cut your self a few strips of double stick gaffers tape and apply pieces along the bottom of the entire booth (under the SETPAPER - please lift your paper carefully). The double stick gaffer tape will keep your paper in place at the bottom.

6th Step - To seal the ends of your booth, cut out a small 3" x 3" cardboard. You can use the cardboard piece to neatly tuck the paper into the booth pole. Now you are done.

7th Step - Now you can add signs and mirrors to your booth, using S hooks. Place a small hole in your foamcore sign and simply hang the S hook from the top of the booth.

Now you should have a beautiful trade show ready to be showcased with one of our great Flame Retardant SETPAPER colors.

Remember if you need cubes or pedestals we have them for rental, as well as garment racks for your clothing and steamers to keep your clothes looking fresh.

If you need any further help or instruction on how to set up your trade show booth , give a call to the Set Shop now and as to speak to one of our Javits / Trade Show specialists.