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Matthews Studio Equipment

  • Matthews 24" X 30" Flag Matthews 24" X 30" Flag

    Matthews 24" X 30" Flag

    Newly designed 90 degree Flag and Cutter frames will make it possible to position the instrument over the top of the set wall or to use two or more units to create a box for better light control...

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  • Matthews 6" Baby Plate

    Matthews 6" Baby Plate

    This piece of equipment has almost as many names as it has uses. Originally designed for mounting Baby fixtures to the top of set walls, they are also used as the world's lowest stand, nailing to...

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  • Matthews Foam Core Holder Plate

    Matthews Foam Core Holder Plate

    Made with a pivoting ball that locks for easier adjustment, the foam core or bead board are taped onto the flat plate. The Foam Core Holder is also often used to hold small mirrors for reflecting...

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  • Matthews Mini Matthelini

    Matthews Mini Matthelini

    Mini Matthellini used in the MINIGRIP kit - a whole new family of smaller mounting devices used for clamping and holding a wide variety of production tools and accessories. Mini-Matthellini Clamps.....

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  • Matthews Baby Plate

    Matthews Baby Plate

    This is a 3 x 5 metal plate with a welded 5/8 inch stud that extends 3 inches. The plate has 8 anchor points for nails or screws, which are not included. This item may be used on a wall, or...

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  • Matthews Gaffer Grip Black

    Matthews Gaffer Grip Black

    The Matthews Gaffer Grip with 5/8" Pins is a multi-use clamp which can hold small light fixtures virtually anywhere that the adjustable jaw can clamp over. The jaw is equipped...

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  • Matthews Knuckle Head Swivel Finger

    Matthews Knuckle Head Swivel Finger

    The ultimate positioning device. Mounts to a 5/8" male or 1-1/8" female, and is internally threaded 3/8-16 to support standard camera accessories. It rotates in all axis and will easily support up to...

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  • Matthews Adapter Kit Matthews Adapter Kit

    Matthews Adapter Kit

    This adapter kit converts any Baby 5/8" pin. Especially useful to photographers whose strobes often call for mounting sizes other than 5/8". The adapter kit includes a 5/8" female adapter with a...

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  • Matthews 12" X 18" Single Scrim

    Matthews 12" X 18" Single Scrim

    Open End Frames are made of spring steel with a 3/8" pin and support which can be used to hang the Scrim from a C Stand handle when not in use. The two upright arms of the frame are slotted at the...

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  • 3" Sing Dot

    3" Sing Dot

    Dots are very thin spring steel frames with a mounting pin. Designed to fix Superflex, Flex Arm, or a Grip Head. Dots and Fingers are most commonly used for manipulating or controlling light...

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  • Matthews Mini Boom

    Matthews Mini Boom

    The Matthews Mini Boom was designed to resist bowing when accessories are added to lighting fixtures or strobes. It mounts on a 5/8" stud, and will extend 6.6', terminating in a 5/8...

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