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Special Effects

  • Flash Paper Glue

    Flash Paper Glue

    For attaching sheets of Flash Paper together to form a larger sheet. (For example, you might want to cover a doorway for a magician to enter in a flash of fire.) Specifically for Flash Paper, it does not inhibit the burning or create any ash. Your large...

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  • Foam Booster / Froth Effect

    Use this kit to create realistic, long-lasting foam heads on room temperature drinks including beer, and other products needing exaggerated foam. 2 oz Kit Instructions: 1: Pour liquid component in glass 2: Included in the kit is an aerator consisting...

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  • Frost Effect Spray

    In-store pick-up only. This product produces a frosted white coating to objects, looking as if they had just been taken out of the freezer. 8 oz areosol can. Spray for instant results. WARNINGAlthough the picture shows this product being used on a...

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  • Gold Glitter Spray

    In-store pick-up only. A stage just wouldn't be a stage without glitters. These reformulated lightweight, fine particles of bright light add glamour to any type of makeup application- on the face, hair or body. A little bit goes a long way by spraying...

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  • Golden Blonde Temporary Hair Color (3.5oz.)

    In-store pick-up only. Temporary Hair color or Prop Paint? You choose. It works as both. We took our Brunette friend and turned her Blonde in less than five minutes!! In real life, Streaks 'n Tips is a temporary spray hair coloring. Even after it dries,...

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  • Hazemax Haze Machine, Fog, Smoke

    Hazemax Haze Machine, Fog, Smoke

    RENTAL ITEM Easy to use, reliable, never-clog, long-lasting, 30 minute, haze from a water-based fluid without using any glycols or oils. No residue, this magical box works on professional stages around the world without ever...

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