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Water Effects

  • Drop Effect

    Drop Effect

    Use this product with it's included applicator to create realistic water drops. Can be used in any surface. 2 oz

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  • Foam Booster / Froth Effect

    Foam Booster / Froth Effect

    Use this kit to create realistic, long-lasting foam heads on room temperature drinks including beer, and other products needing exaggerated foam. 2 oz Kit Instructions: 1: Pour liquid component in glass 2: Included in the kit is an aerator consisting...

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  • Museum Gel 6 oz jar

    Museum Gel is a crystal clear gel useful for securing glass or props on flat surfaces. Great for early sets before the shoot so there are no spills or mistakes!

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  • Trengove - Aqua Gel

    Trengove - Aqua Gel

    This is the thickest, clearest, water-based fluid available. Aqua Gel can be styled into rivulets and drops. It applies easily to beverage containers to give a natural, refreshing look. Aqua Gel is also easily dyed with food dyes. Consistency is thicker...

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  • Trengove - Ice Powder 6 oz

    Trengove - Ice Powder 6 oz

    Mix Ice powder with water to quickly create frost, snow, slush or mix with food coloring to make frozen drinks. 6 oz bottle. Fake ice cubes are usually used in film production and photography, because real ice melts quickly and is difficult to work with.

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