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Studio Basics

  • Hot Glue Gun

    Hot Glue Gun - This is a great tool for all of your projects. You can fix things, adhere things together, join fabrics together and much more. This is an essential piece to have for fun or for serious projects. Having a Glue Gun on site at the Javits is...

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  • Lens Cleaning Paper

    Lens Cleaning Paper. For use with all Camera Lenses , Binoculars and Filters. Safe for all multi coating. Don't forget to try out Lens Optical cleaning solution. These products support each other fora full cleaning of your optics.

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  • Pop-Up Portable Changing Room

    Pop-Up Portable Changing Room is a portable changing room that sets up in seconds. Easy-carry bag allows the Pop-Up Changing room to be set up virtually anywhere it is needed. Pop Up Room in a Bag is ideal for: * Photographers * Campground * Poolside *...

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  • Rosco Filter Cabinet (Gels)

    This custom-built gel case is perfect for organizing your gel sheets for quick access. We can build your case to any custom size, with sliding drawers and solid wood construction. Size shown is 50 1/2" (w) x 62 1/2" (h) x 25 1/2" (d), with 29 shelves...

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  • Set Shoes (1 Pair)

    These handy slip-on shoe covers are the perfect solution when you need to work on a set but can do without the foot prints. Sold in pairs, "Set Shoes" are made to fit all sizes male or female. Available in white sometimes, and sometimes in gray.

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