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Studio Basics

  • SETPAPER Measuring Tape

    SETPAPER Measuring Tape

    When you are hanging your paper at the Javits and placing your signage up on the wall, you want to make sure you have correct spacing or center your display case or sign. Make sure you have your SETPAPER Measuring Tape to perform these tasks perfectly...

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  • Wesco Superlite Hand Truck Wesco Superlite Hand Truck

    Wesco Superlite Hand Truck

    This light weight, yet tough cart folds down to an incredible 2". It is the ideal solution for those who travel a lot and need compact storage. The base is 12" long. The cart has a 175 lb. capacity.

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  • Stanley   24 sticks per bag

    Stanley 24 sticks per bag

    Make sure you have enough glue sticks for your next project. All Purpose - Hot Melt Adhesive. Bonds most porous materials. This product is non toxic and is odorless. 6 Glue Sticks 1/2" x 4"

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  • Pop-Up Portable Changing Room

    Pop-Up Portable Changing Room

    Pop-Up Portable Changing Room is a portable changing room that sets up in seconds. Easy-carry bag allows the Pop-Up Changing room to be set up virtually anywhere it is needed. Pop Up Room in a Bag is ideal for: * Photographers * Campground * Poolside *...

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  • Sound Blanket / Moving Blanket 72"x80"

    Sound Blanket / Moving Blanket 72"x80"

    We call this the Javits blanket. Make sure you have a few of these to protect your furniture and belongings during transport times. Sound blankets are ideal for moving situations or to straight up protect items in heavy traffic areas. We can even spray...

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  • Wobble Wedges

    Wobble Wedges

    Is one of your table legs crooked? Or maybe your door doesn't stay open without placing a wedge at the bottom, well then you need wobble wedges. Wobble Wedges are the perfect fit for these situations. Dimension (LWH): 1.92″ x 1.11″ x ...

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  • Timber Toppers for 2" x 4"

    Timber Toppers for 2" x 4"

    These simple but effective Timber Toppers are still around. Long before autopoles this was the simplest and preferred method to make quick partitions and seamless holders. Using any 2" x 4" plank of wood.Simply measure your distance subtract 2 inches,...

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  • 30" Directors Chair Natural, Chairs

    30" Directors Chair Natural, Chairs

    Classic "Directors" chair. Make your clients feel like movie stars (if they are not already) or use them to decorate your working space. Style & strength combined with a great price make this a winner for most uses. 30" tall. Also available for Rent-...

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  • Set Shoes (1 Pair)

    Set Shoes (1 Pair)

    These handy slip-on shoe covers are the perfect solution when you need to work on a set but can do without the foot prints. Sold in pairs, "Set Shoes" are made to fit all sizes male or female. Available in white sometimes, and sometimes in gray.

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