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Roscolux Gels (Full Line)


Rosco filters are products of a reliable company in Connecticut state of America with a history of over 100 years. The filter is indispensable to the stage and event lighting.

They deal with products loved by users worldwide who won 4 awards ("Oscar") from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Roscolux Specification

Roscolux is a color filter made of polycarbonate or polyester that has approximately 200 different colors including diffusions.

  • Size : 610×530mm24" x 21"
  • Material:Polycarbonate / Polyester

Please check details of Roscolux filters at the manufacturer site. 

ROSCO Roscolux

ROSCO Ligthing Filters Color Chartincluding Data Sheet


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Please Note: 

ROSCO Lighting Filters manufactures filters for the lighting effects of the stage, TV, movies and photography.

Depending on the use environment and preservation condition, phenomena such as discoloration, discoloration and deformation may occur even if strength, usable temperature etc are below the range value.

Especially, it is not assumed to use directly attached to the appliance and attached directly to the bulb surface. Also please note that we cannot guarantee the results that were used as far as the warranty is concerned. In addition, fine lines that do not interfere with lighting effects may occur in the manufacturing process. For reasons like the above, returned goods are forgiven. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

 The color displayed in the catalog is an image. Please acknowledge that it is different from the actual color or the color through light.

※ Filter itself has no stickiness. When pasting on glass etc, please use double sided tape etc sold separately.

 Please acknowledge the above points beforehand, purchase, please use.

 In addition, please contact us if you have any questions, questions or anything else.