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Pins, Plates, Adapters

  • Matthews Foam Core Holder Plate

    Matthews Foam Core Holder Plate

    Made with a pivoting ball that locks for easier adjustment, the foam core or bead board are taped onto the flat plate. The Foam Core Holder is also often used to hold small mirrors for reflecting Xenon light beams around a set.

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  • Matthews Baby Plate

    Matthews Baby Plate

    This is a 3 x 5 metal plate with a welded 5/8 inch stud that extends 3 inches. The plate has 8 anchor points for nails or screws, which are not included. This item may be used on a wall, or free-standing as a floor-level light mount.

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  • Manfrotto Reversible Short Stud

    Manfrotto Reversible Short Stud

    This stud is designed to plug directly into a Super Clamp 035 socket. This allows you to mount cameras, directly or with a camera head. Attachment: 1/4" and 3/8" screws; material: brass; weight: 0.09 lbs.

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  • Matthews Adapter Kit Matthews Adapter Kit

    Matthews Adapter Kit

    This adapter kit converts any Baby 5/8" pin. Especially useful to photographers whose strobes often call for mounting sizes other than 5/8". The adapter kit includes a 5/8" female adapter with a 1/4-20 male thread and one each of 5/8", 3/8", and 1/2"...

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  • Manfrotto Safety Cable

    Manfrotto Safety Cable

    The Manfrotto FF3276 Steel Safety Cable is a failsafe system for grip equipment that fails to hold to overhead mounted lighting fixtures. One end attaches to the fixture; the other is tethered to a rail, pipe, ceiling, or wall. It will hold 44 lbs (22kg)...

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  • Matthews Right Angle Baby Plate

    Matthews Right Angle Baby Plate

    This piece of equipment has almost as many names as it has uses. Originally designed for mounting Baby fixtures to the top of set walls, they are also used as the world's lowest stand, nailing to a floor or on an Apple Box. Other names include Baby...

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  • Matthews 5/8" Drop Ceiling Clamp Pin

    Matthews 5/8" Drop Ceiling Clamp Pin

    The Matthews Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamp attaches to the dropped ceiling tile support rails found in many offices, allows the mounting of small lighting instruments on the pin without the need of a stand. It comes with a Cable Holder...

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